D.A.G 55L Kalahari Double Door Fridge

The D.A.G 55L double door fridge is the ultimate all rounder fridge for those long trips or the perfect solution for your camping trailer

Some of the great features include:

– Dual compartments with individual temperature control.

– 3 Stage battery protection to prevent damage to your vehicle’s battery.

– Vehicles and home use (12v & 220V)

– Detachable battery pack last up to 4H – 24TH (Note optional extra) link below

D.A.G B12 LITHIUM-ION frig BATTERY KIT 15 600 HAM – 4X4 Wholesalers Africa

– Shockproof for the toughest terrain.

– Includes storage brackets, drain plug and LED light as standard.

– Can handle a 45 degree angle when overlanding.